here’s the skinny from our clients

It’s a bit self serving, but as a referral-based business, what our clients have to say about Graphique Creative means the world to us.

Mylch is China’s largest high-end window and door manufacturer. We have sales locations across the globe, except in the US. We’ve tried many times to establish ourselves in the US market over the years, without success. Last year we teamed up with Doron and Graphique. His bradning and marketing strategies did what several other companies could not. Within 6 months of project launch we had $50M in sales and still going strong. I’d recommend Doron’s creative direction and marketing savvy to anyone. 

Penn Longking

Deputy General Manager, USA Manufacturing, Mylch USA

I have had the opportunity to work with Graphique for two major website redesigns. The partnership, creativity and professionalism that I experienced during the first project led our company to select Graphique for our latest rebranding and website redesign and content campaign. I can certainly equate our company’s unprecedented growth and success in part to the work performed by the amazing team at Graphique. They have become an extension of my marketing efforts and will continue to be a valuable and key component of my future projects.

Duane Tornquist

Chief Marketing Officer, PSAV

Graphique has done a fabulous job of creating a brand identity for Factors Southwest and now FSW Funding. We needed fresh ideas and a unique perspective to get our referral sources to notice us and keep us in mind. Graphique was able to help us achieve these goals by redesigning our logo, website and print material, and optimizing our online presence for search. We have been very pleased with everyone at Graphique and would definitely recommend them!”

Robyn Barrett

Managing Member, FSW Funding

We selected Graphique to build our website and were impressed with their brand development and project management expertise. We continually receive positive feedback and enjoy increased traffic and brand awareness. We have since partnered on several branding projects, and no doubt, they offer a creative, professional edge!

Burt Bornstein

Brand Strategy & Creative Development, KDA Creative

Graphique Creative was a key strategic partner in developing a solution for our online business directory and marketplace. It put us on the map and with the marketing solution they suggested, our fledgling site now has over 2,500 event listings with over 1,000 marketplace vendors. Thanks for developing our identity and online storefront…and for making it so painless.

Jon Kenton

President, Techzibits

I was referred to Graphique with a new business concept and they took my idea to the next level. I just wanted a web design company. What I got was a valued business partner that took the helm when it came to developing my brand, defining my online business and marketing my business. The solutions they provided were also things I never would have thought of on my own. Thanks Graphique Creative.

Alex Nelson

President, GlassTraxx

As a photographer, I found the Graphique staff very cooperative and they responded professionally to any suggestions I had. They communicated well within their organization and were quick to bring other members of the team into the conversation so the job went quickly and smoothly. It’s a breath of fresh air working with professional, competent people committed to getting the job done right, not to mention a great creative director in Mr. Krinetz. His ideas and creativity are unparalleled.

Glenn Mire

Owner, Mire Images

Doron and the staff of Graphique Communications and design are at the top of their field. This company treats you like a partner and not a client. They have been helping a diverse roster of companies for over a decade. Your success is what makes them tick. You want them on your team!

Larry Vivola

President, Inline Business Advisors

As project managers can attest, the more you plan up-front the higher probability you will succeed. Graphique has mastered this. And they even got a “WOW” out of me (which is very rare…if you knew me you would understand). With all this said, I continue to use Graphique and would highly recommend their services.

Dan Fogel

President, A Greener Refill

Hiring Doron Krinetz of Graphique to develop our new website was the best decision we could have made. We consistently receive positive feedback on both the design and content management of the site. Their creative direction and marketing solutions are definitely leading to an increase in our enrollment. We are so pleased. Working with them was a pleasure.

Kill Kesler

Head of School, Pardes Jewish Day School

Graphique helped me developed a business identity and web presence that blew me away, and the price was still close to the middle of the road, so I felt I wasn’t paying too much. The final material created and website presented my company with an image of excellence and was just as good if not better then the “Big Boys”.

Jeffrey Schawelson

President, Your Love Remembered